Future Plans

The focus of our future efforts is to improve the school education of the underprivileged children. The teaching quality in the local schools close to our communities is mostly very bad. Classes are often hopelessly overcrowded and teaching is often only concerned with rote learning. Our goal there is to teach the students at least up to class five in our own school, where we can apply modern, child-centric teaching methods. The first steps towards this are made, now we continue our efforts to keep improving our teaching team and methods.

Another focus is on vocational training. Kids who receive a vocational training after finishing their schooling will be in an even better position to lead a financially secured life in the future. We have been cooperating with a few partners like Don Bosco SERI since many years. To offer a wider range of vocational training opportunities to our children we want to extent our activities in this field and enter into more cooperations. Our social worker team also has recently started career counsellings with each older student to discuss their own plans for the future.

Besides school education practical skills, life skills and personal development are essential - especially for kids from underprivileged backgrounds. We have always been looking at the holistic development of children. Therefore we want to further extend our sports and extra-curricular activities and especially our awareness programmes and workshops on various topics.